Listed are the posts for September 2011.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, non invasive therapy suitable for all ages, but a consultation with a practitioner is generally required first. It is said to use the energy flow from the practitioner’s hand when placed on or near the client. Reiki is said to help re-balance patients in mind,body and spirit. Reiki is believed to […]

What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy is a practice that looks at a person as a ‘whole’ focusing on their mind, body and spirit rather than just the physical ailments they may have. Over the course of forthcoming blog posts, we hope to explain some of the most popular Holistic Therapies, what they involve and the benefits they have. […]

Therapy rooms to rent

Here at the centre, we have Therapy rooms to rent. We currently have several online classifieds such as the one seen here on the Complementary Health Information service at Here is the transcript of the advert: Newly refurbished Therapy rooms to rent in Quarry Bank, West Midlands. Located above Reflexions Ladies Gym in Quarry […]

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Like us on Facebook- Library Therapy Centre has a new Facebook page.We feel this will be a great way of keeping users up to date with the latest news,information and updates. To like the Library Therapy Centre page please click the link below and press ‘Like’ next to our name. Thanks!