Listed are the posts for June 2012.

Is the inability to switch off after work damaging our health?

A recent article reports that many people are putting their mental and physical health at risk by not being able to “Switch off” when they get home from the office by continuing to work in the evening. “A study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) showed that people are doing more than two extra […]

Has modern day life in the office led to potential health problems?

An interesting article has recently been featured on the Metro website titled “Is sitting uncomfortably killing you? Tips to avoid Back Pain the office” The article discusses how the average Brit is said to sit down for between 9 and 14 hours a day. It is surprising how some health issues which people would not […]

Therapy Room Available

Growing demand from professional Therapists means that rooms at the Library are almost full. Only one room free, would suit Physiotherapy or Acupuncture Therapists.   Contact us for more information: Email